Writer’s Block? You Can Always Reach Out To Taylor Swift

By Brenna Durr

“Well I heard it today and I couldn’t help but sing along
Cause every time I hear that song, I go back…”- Kenny Chesney

In the car; while I’m in the shower; at work; while I’m doing homework; while I am writing this; music is playing.

There are songs to pump me up, calm me down and to inspire me. Music is the sound track of your life so listen to it.

Whether it is the words or the instruments, let it inspire you while you’re sitting in a doctor’s office or driving in your car.

There is a song for everything in your life
Songs that bring you back to high school; songs that remind you of your best friend; a song that reminds you of the best vacation you ever took; a song to remind you of the worst day you ever had.

Listen to those songs to tap into your memories and how you felt at the time.

Music can be essential to writing, especially if you’re stuck in a rut.

Let music help you tap into your emotions.

It can set the mood of your story or of a specific scene. It can help you develop the personality of characters

Music can inspire so many different things. It can transport you to another place and help you relive experiences and memories, which is extremely helpful for when you’re writing.

That’s why I have more money on my iTunes account then I do in my bank account, because I can’t live without music.

If you don’t have a song, find one:

  • Taylor Swift is always there to help you if you’re writing a book for young adults. You could even listen to some of the songs you listened to in high school to help you out.
  • Need some intensity in your book? Play some Metallica or loud, fast, classical songs.
  • Listen to a soundtrack from a movie. The soundtrack will have a range of different songs, from happy to sad to exciting. Perfect for when you’re writing.
  • Turn on a music channel. Your TV has everything from classical (if you can’t concentrate with lyrics) to classic rock to heavy metal to 80s to rap to blue grass and even music in foreign languages.

Do you need visual inspiration with your songs?

Watch the music video.

You can go to YouTube or the artist’s Web site to watch music videos. The lyrics or interments may not always inspire you, but maybe the characters in the video will.

Also, branch out. You may find a song that inspires you from a few different genres you have never explored before.

For example, I love using Pandora or LastFM to find new music. I get to control the artists they play, but sometimes they throw a little surprise in the mix!

About the Author: Brenna Durr is a writer, an undergrad at Utica College and one of the three Procrastinating Writers interns.

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