Doing the Wrong Things Will Drain You

So often people ask me how I’m able to get so much done in a single day. If you’ve been in my world for any amount of time you know at least one thing about me–that I’m a super high achiever and always have a million balls in the air all at once.

I’m cool with this. After years of fighting against it and trying to talk myself out of being this busy, I finally gave in and realized that I should do what feels right for me and screw what anyone else thinks.

I’m not saying it’s easy to do all that I do or handle all that I handle. It’s not. I feel overwhelmed at times. But then I take a deep breath and dive back in.

I get warned about burnout all the time. I’ve been hearing, “you take on too much” my entire life. And I totally respect people’s opinion and concern for me. I appreciate it.

But I don’t believe in burnout.

Gasp! Did she just say she doesn’t believe in burn out? But what about this example or this example or this one of people burning out?

I’m not saying burnout doesn’t happen. It does. But only when you’re not in alignment and living on purpose.

Back when I was working my corporate day job, I was burned the fuck out. I hated my life. I was stressed all day long, I spent hours of my time complaining, it was hell. Keeping that charade up any longer than I did would’ve burned me out and totally killed my soul.

Which is why I got out.

It’s why I started focusing all of my time on doing things I actually cared about and that mattered to me. It’s why I sit here right now, in the middle of the day, writing this blog post, feeling totally motivated and focused and ready for more.

Because when you give your time and focus to the things you actually care about and that actually matter to you, there’s no possible way you can burn out. Doing what you love and what you care about FUELS YOUR SOUL.

It fuels you with motivation and excitement and joy. Who can get enough of that?

Or here’s a better question, who’s getting enough of that right now? Not many people.

There are days where I forget to eat until dinner time. I wake up, get into my morning routine and before I know it the clock says 4 p.m. and my stomach is growling. There are nights I stay up ’til 3 a.m. because I’m so in flow with my writing and creating I couldn’t possibly even consider sleeping yet.

And there’s no way to burn out on the things that fuel your soul, which means you can do them forever and never ever stop or want to stop. I will be a writer ’til the day I die. I will be taking my final breath and I’ll still be on my MacBook trying to get my last words written down.

It’s impossible to burn out on the things that bring you to life.

So the question all of this brings me to, is this… are you doing what really matters to you?

Right now, if you look at your life, are you doing the things that matter? Do you go to bed at night feeling like you gave it your all?

If you don’t, there’s a high probability that you’re not doing what matters. And that’s why you feel burned out or have low energy or are unmotivated.

Because spending your time doing the wrong things will DRAIN YOU.

It will make you resentful. It will kill your will to live. It will BURN YOU OUT. Eventually you’ll be a robot-human, living life on autopilot, and numbing out with food and TV and sleeping too much.

When I finish my morning routine, it’s usually midday and I feel motivated, ready to take on more and like I have all the time in the world. Because I’ve already done my soul work for the day. I’ve already done what needed to be done.

Everything else that gets done is just a bonus after that.

So take some time to really think about whether or not you’re really spending your time doing what matters to you. If you’re not, it’s time for a reality check, because burn out could be in your future if you don’t start doing what you actually care about.

I never worry about burn out becuase I know I can never burn out on being me and doing what I love.

Write with a purpose, live with intention,



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