You Can Believe In Abundance And Still Be Broke

I know it sounds like an oxymoron; you believe in abundance and yet you don’t have an abundant life. Huh? Many Law of Attraction and manifestation gurus out there tell you that you have to believe something and then it will eventually be yours.

Eh—I’m calling bullshit on that.

You can absolutely believe in abundance or freedom or love or whatever you believe in and still not be experiencing it in your life. And that’s because there is some fine-tuning that must be done.

Yes, it’s true that you must first believe something before you can receive it in your life BUT—and here’s the fine-tuning part—that only works if you also:

> Believe it’s possible FOR YOU
> Have created the feeling of abundance on the inside consistently enough that it feels real to you

ALL three of these pieces—belief that it’s possible, belief that it’s possible for you and the consistent inner feeling of abundance—are required for you to receive the abundance (or whatever) on the outside.

Before 2016, I didn’t care about being a bestselling author on Amazon because I “didn’t think it mattered.” But the truth was, I actually didn’t believe it was possible for me and I most definitely didn’t feel like a bestseller on the inside. So it was easier to say that I didn’t care about it and it didn’t matter than to admit I didn’t feel good enough.

And then 2016 came along and I was introduced to an author who had self-published 47 books (at the time; she has more now) and 46 of them had become bestsellers in her category on Amazon.

This was the first time being a bestseller on Amazon felt doable to me. I related to this author and felt like we were a similar type of person and like we’d be real-life friends if we knew each other. This lead me to a thought—if she can hit #1 in her category 46 times, surely I can do it in my category at least once.

That set me off on my mission to make 2016 the year I hit #1 in my category on Amazon (if you want to hear the entire story of how I made it happen, read my book, Miraclefesting; it’s on Amazon).

Immediately I began acting as if I was already a bestselling author: I announced to my community it would be happening that year AND they could watch me make it happen, I created a membership site and called it The Bestselling Author Mastermind (where people could watch me hit #1 in my category and I would explain what I was doing as I did it), I made a decision to write and publish more books that year and then I went to work actually doing it.

All of this made me FEEL like I was already a bestselling author. So when it happened a few months later for real, I wasn’t at all surprised (okay, maybe I was a little surprised lol but the surprise was more about the fact that it happened so quickly and less about it happening as I knew that it eventually would).

THAT is what it takes to create and receive literally ANYTHING you want in your life and business.

You must have:

1. A belief that what you want is possible
2. A belief that it’s possible for you to have it/do it/be it
3. The inner-feeling that you already have it and that it’s real

Those are your marching orders, soldiers of love. Now get to work.

And remember: feeling good is the point and the path.

Dream life or bust,


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