You Can Get Where You Want To Go From Wherever You Are Right Now

Last year at this time, I was getting clearer on the realization that it was time to put an end to my previous business. I’d been doing it for almost a decade and I was burned out, over it, and finally ready to do what my soul was calling me to do. 

I had been a writing coach and book editor for most of my business. It was what people knew me for. It was what I had made most of my income from. 

But in my heart of hearts, I knew it wasn’t right for me. 

There was a time when it actually was right for me and where it served me to do it. That time had long passed. 

So I decided to shut down that part of my business. 

To stop coaching writers. Stop ghostwriting books. Stop editing other people’s books. 

I continued to focus on growing my now-pivoted life coaching business. I created more and more programs and offers to put out there. 

And even though I kept saying I was done, I continued accepting more editing projects. Just to pay the bills in the meantime. 

I was still chasing money. I hated it. 

I hated how I felt editing an unaligned book that paid me well. I hated that the highest income month in my business (so far) came from ghostwriting a book for someone else. 

Most of all, I hated feeling like I was selling my soul day in and day out for the almighty buck. 

It felt like when I was in Corporate America, slaving away for a company I disliked and didn’t believe in, just to make a near-six-figure income. 

In January of this year, I reached my breaking point. I had a “fuck this shit” moment and I was done. 

Done doing things I didn’t want to do. Done chasing money and saying yes to unaligned projects just because I was getting paid for it. Done worrying about and thinking of other people’s books instead of my own. 

Fuck. That. Shit. 

I made a decision to stop chasing money and finally go all-in on what I actually wanted to be doing: writing and publishing books. 

On that day, I had no clue how I would rise from the ashes of my burned-to-the-ground business. I had no idea how I could make more of an impact with and income from my books. 

But I believed that it was possible for me. And I knew I could start exactly where I was in that moment. 

Like a Phoenix from the dust. 

Almost eight months later, I’m holding in my hands both a paperback copy of my new book, F*ck the How, and of my recently updated book, Test Drive Your Dreams (this was previously only available as an eBook).  

Every day, I get to spend more and more time writing and working on my books, my stories, my creative ideas. And every day I get closer to my income exploding from all of these things. 

The momentum has been built. The energy is fully behind it. 

And just this morning I had a feeling while reading through the print copy of Test Drive Your Dreams. It was a feeling of inner peace. A feeling of knowing. A feeling of full trust. 

This is gonna work out. It’s already working out. At some point very soon, everyone will get to see in the physical world all of the things I’ve been seeing since age 11 in my inner world. 

The money I desire may not have shown up just yet, but I am absolutely doing what I love every single day now. I am feeling better and better about the work I’m doing and the impact I’m making and what it’s all adding up to. 

Most of all, I’m proud of myself. 

For sticking with it. For pushing through. For never giving up. For always continuing to believe I could one day be massively compensated for the things that I live for and love to do. 

And from that place, everything is possible. pastedGraphic.png

P.S. OMG the new paperback cover for Test Drive Your Dreams is pastedGraphic_1.png Check it out in my stories and buy your copy here:

Dream life or bust,

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