You Can Make Anything Feel Normal For You

After spending the past year of my life feeling better than I ever have before, I started to really, really notice the things that make me feel bad.

And it’s funny, too, because those same things that I’m now clear make me feel bad never used to bother me before. Why?

Because those bad-feeling things felt normal to me. I had been dealing with them for so long that feeling bad was NORMAL for me.

That’s the super annoying (or is it awesome?) thing about being human… with enough repetition, anything can feel normal to us. (This is true for other living creatures as well–ever watched the ‘draw a circle around an ant’ video?)

And if it’s true that we can get used to ANYTHING and that ANYTHING done enough times can become NORMAL to us… then this same truth can be used for GOOD-FEELING things as well.

Since I’ve been on the feel-good path for more than a year, even the smallest bad-feeling thing stands out to me now. And, since I now know with ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY that feeling good is the point and the path, I also refuse to allow the bad-feeling things to be part of my life anymore.

Feeling good is now normal for me, and eventually, with enough repetition, feeling good can become normal for you too.

Dream life or bust,


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