You Don’t Always Find Your Work In The World Right Away, And That’s Why You Have To Keep Going

Right after my divorce went down in Jan 2019, I downloaded the word “Worthy” during one of my meditation sessions. It felt powerful. It felt like something I was meant to do something with, I just didn’t know what yet.

Well, without realizing it, I spent all of last year getting back in touch with my worthiness and with my good-enoughness. And correcting the things and areas of my life that didn’t align with that.

Up til that point, I had been editing books and coaching writers on how to write books. (Shadow work for part of what I really knew I was meant to be doing, which was writing and publishing more of my own books.)

Then this year rolled around and the Quarantine happened, which gave me the time, space and freedom to do something I’d been wanting to do for several years, but hadn’t had the guts to do: burn my old business to the ground and build the business I truly desired.

So I did just that.

I got rid of all the stuff I was doing in my old biz. I began referring to myself publicly as the Feel-Good Life Coach and mindset alchemist. I started offering 1-1 life coaching and creating personal development workshops.

Stuff I’d been wanting to do and felt called to do for years. I finally allowed myself to just do it.

And then that word came back up again. Worthy.

Admittedly, it never really went away. It was there, nagging at me, the entire time. I just got really good at ignoring it.

Until a month or so ago, when it finally hit me that I was making too much of it.

I was trying to make Worthy into some big thing, instead of just doing what I do, which is get an inspired idea/download and then immediately act on it.

So I decided to create Worthy AF, a 3-part livestream series that I did on my FB page and then repurposed on my podcast and YouTube channels. I thought that was it. I thought that was the extent of it.

But I had no clue what the Universe had in store for me.

A couple of weeks ago, I downloaded the phrase: “Reclaim Your Worthiness,” and I realized that was the workshop around worthiness I was meant to create. So I did. I created it and launched it, and 30 people enrolled.

For the past, almost 15 days, I’ve worked with these students in the Reclaim Your Worthiness workshop. And I have seen absolute miracles happening before my eyes.

People getting clear on where their feelings of unworthiness came from. Getting in touch with those old stuck emotions that have been sitting inside them, festering away for years, and letting them go. Becoming conscious of the stories and the BS beliefs they’ve unconsciously allowed themselves to live by their whole lives.

Things are shifting. Clarity and epiphanies are happening. And everyone is growing and expanding because of it.

Creating the final audio for the workshop, I was nearly brought to tears as I channeled the words from my soul. And then it hit me…

THIS is my work in the world. THIS is what my entire life journey (so far) has been about.

I lived 35 years of my life feeling unworthy, feeling not good enough, feeling like there was something fundamentally flawed about me. And then I decided, after some of the the biggest life lessons I ever received, to try a different path.

To finally choose to see myself as good enough and worthy and to feel that way about myself and to actually believe that it’s true.

Now I do.

Now I do and my whole life has shifted and continues to shift.

Now I do and my purpose, my calling, my work in the world has become crystal clear.

I am here to live my dreams and to inspire and motivate others to live theirs, by helping them to reclaim their worthiness, so they can tell a new story about themselves and their lives, and get to have, do and be everything they desire and more.

Now I know this for sure. The certainty is undeniable.

But I never would’ve gotten to this point if I hadn’t just kept going over the last ten years of being an online entrepreneur. 🔥

Dream life or bust,


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