You Either Believe it or You Don’t

I was having a convo with one of my good friends the other day. She was telling me that her family invited her to go on a trip later this year, and she was frustrated about this invite because she had just spent money on a trip and didn’t have the money for this new trip.

She wanted my advice on how to handle it, and whether or not she should tell her family about her current financial situation, and why she can’t go on the trip later this year.

And my advice to her was the exact advice I would want her–or anyone else–to give to me about that same situation. Or, really, any situation regarding money.

I said, “I know what I’m about to say is unconventional, but it’s the truth… you either believe your financial situation is improving, or you don’t. You either believe you’re quantum leaping this year, or you don’t.”

‘Cause the truth is, there’s no in-between.

You either believe it or you don’t. Whatever “it” is for you.

And if you don’t, that’s fine. That’s what you need to work on within yourself.

But if you do–or if you’re choosing to believe it regardless of what your current reality looks like–then you have to also ACT like you believe it. You have to take actions that are in alignment with this new belief.

I reminded my friend of how hard she’s been working on changing her money mindset and expanding her wealth consciousness. I reminded her of how far she has already come, and of all that she has going on in her business right now that will make her more money.

And then she remembered who she really is, and how this all works. She decided not to say anything to her family about the trip, and instead, to focus on launching the offer she’s been thinking about and talking about but hadn’t actually launched yet.

I fully one-hundred percent know and believe my friend will have the money to go on her trip later this year. I will remind her of that anytime she forgets.

And she always does the same for me.

This is how powerful it can be to have support in your life, whether that’s the support of a mentor, friend, family member, teacher, or coach. There’s no limit to what’s possible when you have someone in your corner who is specifically there to help you elevate to a whole new level in your life, business, income, and impact.

And, yeah, sure, you could do it all alone. A lot of people do.

But you’re not required to do it alone. And it’s a lot more fun to have someone(s) else along for the ride.

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Dream life or bust,

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