You Get To Have Every Damn Thing You Want In Life (And You Never Have To Know How)

The most beautiful, amazing flowers just showed up at my door from the most incredible, amazing human (my BF). He spoils the shit out of me just because he wants to and feels like it. 

He is more than a dream come true in so many, many ways. He is my reward for all of the inner work and mindset reprogramming I did around my worth and love and relationships, and what I get to have in a relationship and in another person. 

I feel beyond blessed. 

And also, I created this shit. I called this life in. I manifested it from inside of me into a physical reality. 

And I did it by:

 *Owning my worth (and releasing anything and everything that made me feel not good enough)

 *Feeling good more often than not 

*Believing that I get to have it and that it gets to be this good (and releasing any thoughts, beliefs or fears that say otherwise)

 *Surrendering it to the Universe and trusting that eventually I would and will have everything I desire or something even better 

 *Taking action when I felt called and inspired to 

You never have to know How you’ll do something or get something or be something. The How is not your job. 

But if you’re someone who does get caught up on the How, I made this for you… Fuck the How:

Grab your copy HERE

Dream life or bust,

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