You Must Change The Belief At The Subconscious Level If You Want It To Stick

So for the last month, I’ve been writing out my belief statements twice a day—right when I first wake up and right before I go to sleep. One of those statements I write is: I receive tons and tons of automated income every single day with total ease. 

This morning, it dawned on me that I have nothing set up in my business right now that could bring in automated income. pastedGraphic.png

Why did it take me a month of writing that belief over and over again to finally have this realization? 

Because that belief is now penetrating my subconscious mind, which triggers it to automatically look for things that are out of alignment with that belief and bring them to my attention so they can be corrected. 

That’s how your subconscious mind works. It’s a devoted servant to your conscious mind. It will do whatever you tell it to. 

It will photocopy out into your physical reality over and over again 

whatever you program into it—the feelings, the beliefs, the identity. 

But it requires repetition, consistently, for about 6 weeks (and sometimes longer) before your subconscious really begins to receive the message. 

Now that I’ve had the realization about needing to set up automated income channels in my biz, I know exactly what my next steps are. 

And as I take the action of actually setting up the automated income channels, that belief will be the thing that magnetizes the people who will buy the automated stuff from me. Every day with total ease.

Change your beliefs so they’re in alignment with what you desire, and the How will naturally show up as a product of that. pastedGraphic.png

Dream life or bust,

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