You Must Learn To Trust Your Desires And Your Undesires

Here are some important truths every human needs to know: 

Your dreams and desires aren’t random. They were given to you for a purpose–because they’re meant for you. 

Life is a co-creative dance with the Universe (you can also call it God, source, higher power, whatever fits for you). One where you decide and the Universe shows you the way. Where the Universe handles the energetic things and you act it out in the physical.

The dreams and desires you have were given to you by the Universe because it wants to experience those things through you. ‘Cause you are the connector between the energetic realm and the physical reality. 

Creative ideas are energy, and when you act on them, amazing things happen. Everything you see in your life right now started as an idea, an energy–whether yours or someone else’s–and was brought into the physical through action. 

When you get excited or inspired by a thought, an idea, a dream, a desire, that is the Universe nudging you to act. This is the “How” of getting what you want literally communicating itself to you.

Your dreams and desires are divine guidance leading to a life beyond your wildest dreams. One where your “pipe dreams” are reality, and things you never even thought to want become yours.

Your dreams and desires are a roadmap, and feeling good is your compass. 

But you weren’t taught any of this stuff. Most of us weren’t.

Instead, we were taught the opposite, and programmed to believe that life is hard, sacrifice and struggle is the required payment to live the good life, and that our desires and dreams are selfish and self-indulgent and should be put on the back burner for later when we retire.

No, no, no, NO! 

That shit couldn’t be further from the truth. 

Now, that doesn’t mean there aren’t a whole lot of people in the world living this way. But it’s mostly because they don’t know and haven’t been taught that another option exists. 

The paradigm of society and most of the people in it is struggle, hardship, sacrifice, not enough, competition, judgment, blame. And so it is.

But it DOESN’T have to be. 

It’s a choice to believe all of the things I started this post with. A choice that I’ve made for years and continue to make every day.

To believe that my dreams are worthy. To know that my desires are guiding me to the life I want. To trust that it’s all working out and better than I can see or even imagine right now.

And it’s also a choice I make every day to trust in my undesires.

To know the things that are NOT for me and to give myself permission to believe and trust that. Instead of doing what we’ve been taught to do, which is to accept that doing shitty things you don’t want to do is “just a part of life.” 

When something feels like it’s for me, when something I see or hear about or experience stirs a desire in me, I trust it, and I go deeper. Exploring what’s there for me. Testing it out to see if it’s a fit. 

And when something feels off, or when I just don’t fucking want to do something, I also trust that. I explore what about it I don’t like. I see if there’s a way to shift it and make it feel like something I do want to be doing. 

Or I allow myself to drop it completely by either handing it off to someone else or by deciding that I’m just not going to do it anymore. Regardless of what it is.

I’ve learned to trust my desires and also my undesires and to know that by indulging in the desires and stepping away from the undesires, I move further down the path to creating the life of my absolute dreams.

Yes, it’s unconventional. Yes, it’s different from how most people believe or do things. Yes, it does force you way out of your comfort zone.  

But the end results are worth it. And so are you.

Now you have to choose to believe that.

Dream life or bust,

P.S. Your dreams and desires are meant for you. You are so worthy of them. You are more than good enough. And you always have been.  

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