You Never Know How Close You Are To Receiving What You Want Until It Shows Up

Okay, so that headline is pretty obvious. Of course you never know how close you are to receiving what you desire or achieving what you dream of until the day it happens. 

And the funny thing is, you could be SO CLOSE; it could be right there, ready to pop into your reality the next day, and you’ll still think it’s a million miles away just because you can’t physically see it. 

That’s why you have to be clear on what you want, ask for it, take action on it and then TRUST. Trusting is always the hardest part because we’re taught that if we can’t see something with our physical senses; if we can’t see it, hear it, touch it, smell it or taste it… then it’s not real. 

But that is A TOTAL LIE, AND it’s also the reason why most people never get what they really want. 

Not because they’re not worthy or deserving of it. Not because they don’t have what it takes to get it. Not because it’s impossible and unlikely and a pipe dream. 

They simply don’t get it because they don’t believe they will and they don’t trust they will and so they don’t do what it takes to get it. Period. 

And for those who do choose to believe and take action, it can still be hard sometimes because if you’re believing and taking action and it still has not shown up in your physical reality, why would you want to keep going? At some point, you’re gonna want to throw in the towel. 

Then you’ll use the same age-old adage everyone else uses… “I guess it just wasn’t meant to be.” 

NOPE! Actually that’s not at all true. 

You just didn’t use the right sense to bring it into your physical reality: the sense of FEELING. 

This is kinda like your Sixth Sense and it’s the one we use least often. But being able to FEEL something (internally) BEFORE it shows up (externally) is what’s required for it to actually show up. 

And you will never know how freaking close you are to something until it shows up. And that’s why you must TRUST AND KEEP GOING ANYHOW. 

Case in point, two years ago today, I had NO CLUE that in just 2 days, in less than 48 hours, I would receive the thing I wanted for years… freedom from a relationship that was no longer serving me. 

Up until it happened, it seemed like I was gonna be stuck in that situation for the rest of my life. Up until the minute before it happened, it just seemed like a typical day where the thing I had been asking for was just a feeling and not a physical reality. 

Until it happened. 

I never could’ve known it was about to happen until it did. (Although, of course, there were signs from the Universe for months, letting me know that it was and to keep going.)

That’s the thing about manifestation. Until the moment it shows up and becomes a physical reality that you can touch and see and smell and taste and hear, it seems like it’s not coming, it seems like nothing is working, it seems like it’s not gonna happen. 

And then BOOM! 

The manifestation shows up. It’s real. It’s there in your physical reality. Soon after, you can’t even remember what it was like to not have it in your life. 

And the only thing you have to do between desire and physical manifestation is believe, take consistent action and TRUST. 

But—and this is the most important part—you must do this BEFORE you can see it with your physical senses. 

How do you do that? By figuring out how you would FEEL once you have the thing you desire or once you’ve achieved that goal. 

The truth is, that’s what you’re really after anyhow; that’s what you really want. 


Once you have the feeling and you’ve held it and felt it long enough, it will become part of your vibration. When that happens, it has to become a physical manifestation at some point. 


Yes, LAW. 

Not wishful thinking. Not hoping for the best. Not praying it will work out. 


As in, it’s a done deal. As in, you can do your best to ignore it or change it but like gravity, if you jump off a building you will hit the ground. 

As in, if you can put your faith and your trust and your belief in it, you never have to worry again about not getting what you want. As in, you really do get to have anything you desire and dream of. 


But the law only works if you work it. Otherwise you’ll just continue getting more of the same. 

So now’s the time to get clear on what you want, ask for it, believe it’s yours, take consistent action like that’s true and then TRUST. 

Trust like you’ve never trusted before. 

Trust like your life depends on it. 

Trust with all of your heart and soul. 

Trust even when everyone around you thinks you’re insane and is telling you to give it up. 


And if you do, all will be yours, in perfect divine timing. 

Dream life or bust,

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