Your Bamboo Season Is Coming

Something a lot of people don’t know about me is that I’ve been in business online for almost 10 years (15 years if you count the 5 years where it was a side-hustle). 

And over that time, things have not at all gone how I thought they would. 

I thought by now I’d have so many clients I would need a waitlist. I thought by now I’d have so many book sales that I’d be making multiple thousands of dollars per month from it. I thought by now I’d be rolling in the Benjamins and making a huge impact on people’s lives.

I’ve been sharing my heart and my soul, my message, and my extremely valuable content online for free for 10 years. Ten years.

And none of what I thought would be true by now is actually true yet.

I have some clients, but not a full roster and definitely not a waitlist. I make hundreds of dollars a month from my book sales, but not thousands. I make enough money each month to cover my basic living expenses and pay bills and I’m impacting lots of people on the daily, but I’m definitely not rich or making the kind of money or impact 

I know I’m meant to be. 

Don’t get me wrong–I have helped hundreds of people and made hundreds of thousands of dollars in my online business over the course of that 10-year (or 15-year) period. Hundreds of thousands of dollars, in total. But never in one single year or one single month. Not like the authors and coaches I admire do on a regular and consistent basis.

And the truth is, most people in my position would’ve given up already. Most would’ve thrown in the towel and just gone back to cushy Corporate America; trading their time for a paycheck. Most would’ve decided it wasn’t ever going to work.

But I’ve kept going anyhow. I have what Pastor Michael Todd calls “crazy faith.” Crazy faith in my vision. Crazy faith in myself. Crazy faith in what God can do.

Because I know something that most people don’t. And what I know is this: Bamboo season is coming. 

Last night, I prayed before I went to sleep (like I do most nights). I said–“God, my faith is fading. I’m starting to not believe anymore in the vision you’ve shown me for my life and my business. I’m starting to doubt that it’s ever going to happen, that it’s ever going to work for me. So I need you to restore my faith. I need you to show me something to return my crazy faith back to me.”

And this morning, upon waking, God led me to that restoration. 

It came in the form of a YouTube video; a recording from a sermon by Pastor Michael Todd, reminding me of something I once knew and then forgot.

Here’s what I know: Bamboo is one of the strongest, most abundant, and fastest-growing plants in the world. BUT bamboo takes 3 years from the day it’s planted and sown to be established enough to break through the soil.


A bamboo plant spends those 3 years growing roots under the soil so that when bamboo season arrives, it has the foundation it needs to thrive and keep growing. 

And once bamboo breaks through the soil, to the surface where you can actually see it, that same seemingly slow-growing plant (taken care of properly) then grows at a rate of 2 inches per hour. 


This means within a 24-hour period, the bamboo plant that seemed non-existent for 3 years can now grow to 4 feet. FOUR FEET in 24 HOURS!!!!!

Bamboo accelerates and grows at a rate that is almost unheard of.

One day there’s nothing there, not even a little green nub above the surface. And the next day, a 4-foot tall bamboo plant.

This reminder, the message from this YouTube video I was led to, immediately restored my crazy faith. Immediately.

If you’ve planted it, and you’ve sown it, and you’ve readied yourself for it–regardless of what “it” is for you–then your bamboo season is coming.

And it will be the most glorious season of your life so far because you will accelerate at a rate that is unheard of. You will have “overnight” success. You will be so damn successful you will speed past all of those “plants” that have been growing above ground for years. 

You will have mind-blowing results, success, blessings, miracles, and more. So much so, that you will wonder how it was possible for things to have been growing so slowly prior to this.

All because you were willing to continue to trust, continue to sow, and continue to have the craziest freaking faith ever.

Your bamboo season is coming. It. Is. Coming.

And all that matters between now and then, is what you choose to believe, sow, and have faith in.

Dream life or bust,

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Image by sungho kim from Pixabay

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