Your Dreams And Desires Are A Roadmap And Feeling Good Is Your Compass

If there’s anything my journey has taught me, it’s this: TRUST YOURSELF. 

And if you don’t feel like you can, do whatever it takes to shift that. Do whatever is required for you to fully trust yourself. 

What you feel and imagine and see inside of you is real. Your dreams and desires are a roadmap and feeling good is your compass. 

You have everything that it takes to make all of those dreams and desires come to fruition. 

You are good enough. You are worthy. You are deserving. You always have been and you always will be. 

Just be you, do you and trust you. 

When you say YES to yourself you’re saying yes to the Universe, to life, to believing you get to have what you want. You’re saying yes to this grand adventure where every day can feel like ease and flow and magic and miracles. 

It’s not always a simple journey, and the world is not always fair, but you are immensely powerful and capable and worthy and deserving and good enough regardless. 

Trust that. Trust yourself. 

 Photo by Heather B-Yanaitis

Dream life or bust,

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