Your Energy And Vibration Are Your Responsibility

I’ve been on a spiritual journey for more than a decade now, but it wasn’t until about six months ago that I started to fully understand the level of responsibility we have to ourselves and the others who live in the world with us.

Your energy and vibration are creating everything that’s showing up for you. And your energy and vibration are made up of your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and expectations.

So if what you want isn’t showing up, or if you’re constantly attracting people and situations that don’t match what you want, it’s time to get serious about your energy and vibration.

EVERYTHING is energy and science has even proven that a thought can be measured because it has an energetic frequency, just like everything else does. Which means if what you want and what’s showing up for you isn’t a match, that just means you have conflicting vibrations going on.

Once you clean that up and become a vibrational match to the things you want, those things not only start showing up, but you also become a cooperative component to the energy of the Universe. And that’s when the Universe can begin to align you with the people and things that will give you more of what you’re looking for.

The week before Christmas last year, I had been struggling hardcore with money (and I now know why). And then, finally, right before my trip to Rochester, money showed up. 

I pulled a bunch of cash out of my account and then I went to Target to buy the stuff I needed for the trip. At the time, I had been working every single day on my energy and raising my vibration and feeling as good as I possibly could. It was my main focus every day.

So I was feeling freaking amazing when I pulled into the crazy-busy Austin Target parking lot, parked way in the back (even though I always get front-row parking, but sometimes I prefer to walk when it’s super nice out) and headed into the store.

As I did, I saw an open front-row spot and a man driving an SUV pulled into the spot. He then got out and stood at the front of his car, watching the people going in and out of the store.

As I was about to walk past him, he called out to me, getting my attention. He then began to explain that he had his niece and nephew in the car and he was supposed to drop them off in Temple (another city in Texas), but he didn’t have enough gas money to get there.

At the time, like I said, I was struggling hardcore with money. But I had just received a bunch of money, after two+ months of the worst financial drought I’d ever had (again, I now fully know why). And since I was feeling really good and really high-vibe, I knew that this guy wasn’t begging or lying or trying to trick me. 

He wouldn’t have been able to be, because I was in too high-vibe of an energy to attract something like that. Energy doesn’t lie.

He was just another human who genuinely needed help. And the Universe knew I was the closest cooperative component, energetically, to help him out. The Universe aligned us so that I would be walking by right as he was standing in front of his car.

I was the only person he even spoke to while he was standing there, and plenty of other people had passed him before I did.

I felt for this man. I could energetically feel his heart and I knew he meant no harm. 

So I told him I knew what it was like to struggle and that I had been struggling hardcore lately and I would’ve really appreciated it if someone had thrown me some support. And then I gave him $20.

That might not seem like much, but for where I was at financially at that moment, it was huge. 

He practically started crying. He immediately hugged me while thanking me over and over and over again for helping him out. 

I smiled, said “you’re welcome,” and went into Target to do my shopping. 

I don’t know what happened from there, but I do know in that moment, I was an energetic match and a cooperative component for the Universe. I know that my high-vibe energy allowed the Universe to align me so that I could help another person in need.

Now I’m not sharing this story to make you think that you have to care about your energy just so you can always be helping other people. You’re not a doormat nor does the Universe want you to be. But being a cooperative component is part of it. 

Because in that moment, we both received what we needed. 

He received the gas money he needed, and I received an even better feel-good vibe from helping him out. And feeling good is the whole point.

So while it may seem odd, I’m in a feel-good state and then some guy tries to “mooch” off me, what really happened is that the Universe gave me an opportunity to feel even better than I was already feeling.

It’s all about how you look at it.

Some people might’ve taken that situation negatively and thought, “oh, sure, I’m feeling good and now this moocher wants to lower my vibe with his BS whining about needing money.” But I didn’t at all see it that way.

And the way to know the difference always stems from how you’re feeling in the moment when something happens.

If you’re feeling really good and really high-vibe and something shows up that seems odd or “bad,” it’s not. It’s actually something that is fully aligned for you. And that’s how I knew it was right to give him the money.

It came from love and not from fear.

The same exact thing happened with my divorce. The day my husband asked me for a divorce, I was in a super high-vibe energy. I had just finished my morning meditation and visualization practice and I was feeling soooooo good. 

And then he sat down across from me and said he wanted a divorce.

In that moment, I knew it was right. Even though it was out of the blue (and by that I mean there was no specific event that led to it, but it was definitely a long time coming). 

It felt right. And I was feeling way too good and way too high-vibe for it to be wrong. (And Abraham-Hicks always says never leave a relationship unless you’re in a high-vibe energy.)

Now, if I was feeling really shitty and that had happened, well, then it would’ve just been me attracting more of the same shittiness.

But because I was in a high-vibe energy, I knew it was aligned and I knew it was the Universe putting me on the path to all of the things I’d been asking for.

It always comes down to how you’re feeling when something happens.

And that’s why your energy and vibration matter. That’s why you have to care about how you feel and about what your energy and vibration are attracting. 

Because you’re always gonna get exactly what you’re feeling. And that, of course, will also shift your perspective. 

If I had been feeling like shit and was in a bad mood when that guy asked me for gas money, I probably wouldn’t have given it to him because I would’ve written him off as just another Austin beggar. If my husband had asked me for a divorce when I was in a negative mood or feeling bad, I probably would’ve pushed back and argued with him and fought about it.

But none of that happened. Because I was feeling way too good and so I knew it was aligned. I knew that it had to be aligned because of how good I was feeling.

When you’re feeling good, you cannot possibly attract anything other than things that will make you feel good, because that’s the energetic frequency you’re on.

Now maybe you’re feeling good and then something happens that you’d normally consider “bad” or that makes you feel less good for the moment, but keep in mind that if you attracted it while in a feel-good state, it showed up because it’s going to put you on the path to feeling even better.

While breaking up doesn’t necessarily feel good in the moment, I knew it was the work that had to be done to get me to a place where I am literally the happiest I have ever been and feeling the best I have ever felt in my entire life.

And that is worth the temporary “pain.”

Be selfish enough to care about your energy and your vibration and how you feel. It matters. 

Way more than you think it does.

Dream life or bust,


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  1. This was awesomeness!!
    Your my new favorite writer for 2019 and beyond! This was really great!!
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