Your Inner Game Is The Only Game That Actually Matters When It Comes To Getting The Life And Success You Desire

Right now I’m taking part in a hardcore personal development workshop all about reclaiming who you were before you got cloaked in bullshit from the outside world. I’ve been having SO MANY epiphanies and Ah-has it’s crazy.

I was reminded of something I’ve known for years, but wasn’t ready to step into (I sorta kinda attempted to step into it earlier this year, but then I dropped it again). Well, not to sound cheesy AF, but I feel like I have 20/20 vision on exactly what I’ve always been meant to be doing in my writing business, and in 2020 I’m about to go big with it.

And that is: I do mindset and personal development for writers and creatives.

All these years I’ve been doing that, talking about mindset stuff and doing the inner work, writing about it and sharing my journey with it (as I’ve been deep into the personal development thing since my freshman year of college and even before that). And all along I knew that was what I felt most connected with and most called to do.

But then I convinced myself that writers and creative people “don’t care about that stuff.” I took that on as a limiting belief and let it keep me playing small for years.

And now I’m done.

I no longer care if some writers and creatives don’t think they need mindset and personal development. I’m here for the writers and creatives who not only know they need it, but who also want it. I’m here for the writers and creatives who want to be successful and are willing to do whatever that takes, including the mindset and inner work stuff that most avoid.

My whole life I’ve always just wanted to be the best version of myself that I could be, and I had too many years where I wasn’t that person. But this year, I’ve stripped all of the old me away and created a whole new me, which, funnily enough, is really just the me I was before I allowed myself to be tainted by the outside world.

When I look back on my author and entrepreneurial journey over the past decade and a half, I can easily see that all of my success came from (and continues to come from) two simple things:

1. Mindset
2. Doing the inner work

If you’re a writer or a creative, I guarantee you’ve been limiting yourself and what’s possible for you, even if you’ve had some success. But your limits in life are not what society says or what your family says or what other people say… your limits are what YOU SAY they are.

Your limits are created by your mindset, which I define as your thoughts, beliefs, perspective and feelings.

If your mindset is not aligned with what you dream of or desire, you will never, ever achieve it. And I promise you, if there’s something you’ve been wanting for a long time now and you haven’t received it yet, your problem is an inner one, not an outer one.

That is the truth.

It’s the truth I know. It’s the truth I live my life by. And now it’s the truth that I’ll be focusing my writing business on.

I love teaching story craft and structure and I will always do it as part of my work as a writing teacher. But from here on out, mindset and personal development will be a much bigger focus for me and tying that into being a writer and creative.

My workshops have always had a mindset component to them, and now it will be even stronger.

Why? Well, first, because most writers and creatives mindsets SUCK. They have so many nonsense beliefs and thoughts about themselves that they hold themselves back with things like, procrastination, resistance, doubt, fear, upper limit problems and a whole lot of other things that are easily resolved when you do the inner work.

I know, because I used to be one of those writers and creatives. I’ve been doing a daily mindset practice since August 2015 and it has transformed my life in ways I can’t even begin to describe fully.

The second reason I’ll be focusing on this is because I’m meant to. It’s what I’m called for. It’s what I’ve always been called for and I just got distracted by a whole lot of shiny objects that took me away from it for a bit.

And I’m grateful for all of it. Because now not only can I teach you how to be a badass storyteller, but I can also show you how to be a badass in yourself and your own life.

That is not something to take lightly.

You are here in this world to do big things. You are meant for great things. AND you are capable of great things.

But first, you have to believe that about yourself.

Dream life or bust,


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