Your Worth Doesn’t Come From Outside Of You, It Comes From Inside

This morning, I was reading a post on Medium that talked about worthiness and where it comes from. The author said that worthiness comes from “finding your value in the world by what you contribute.” 

And while this author meant well, she couldn’t be further from the truth.

Your worthiness DOES NOT come from outside of you. 

In fact, if you’re using external factors, including the value you provide to the world, as a measure of your worthiness, you’re in for a rude awakening. ‘Cause what happens when those external factors are gone? What happens when people aren’t valuing your contribution to the world? What happens on the days when you don’t contribute anything? 

Then what? You’re no longer worthy? 


Your worthiness is not dependent on anything outside of you. You don’t have to earn your worthiness. You don’t have to prove your value.

You’re a divine child of God. You are inherently worthy just by being alive. And just by being who you are, you’re contributing greatly to the world. 

But contribution is not a pre-requisite to your worth. (I actually believe it’s feeling worthy that makes you want to contribute to the world, not the other way around.)

You are born worthy. And no one and nothing can ever take that away from you.

Sure, that worthiness can be hidden, it can be dimmed down, it can be taken for granted, it can have all kinds of rules and conditions placed on it.

Still doesn’t change the fact that you’re worthy.

You’re worthy, even if you don’t see it. Even if you don’t believe it. 

Even if no one sees or believes it.

You’re still worthy.

Nothing you do, could ever do, or have ever done can change that. 

You’re still worthy.

You’ve always been worthy, and you will always be worthy.

So, where does worthiness come from then?

If it’s not based on the value you bring to the world, and it has nothing to do with outside factors of any kind, how do you know you’re worthy?

And the answer is simple, as it always is: you decide.

Decide to be worthy.

Decide to see yourself as worthy, as good enough.

Decide that your worthiness is no longer a question or in question. 

Worthiness is an INTERNAL thing. It’s a decision, it’s a feeling, it’s a way of thinking and being. It’s an identity.

And it’s something you can reclaim for yourself, whenever you’re ready. But you have to stop looking to the outside to validate your value, your worth. 

Your worth is on the inside.

Dream life or bust,

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