This Is What Discipline Looks Like

You want to achieve something; to write a first draft; to publish your novel; to put words on the page every day. You know what you want. It’s clear in your mind and has been for some time now. You figure out what actions it will take to start making some progress on said achievement. […]

The Truth About Being A Pro Writer

I almost didn’t write this post today. ‘Cause I didn’t feel like it. I had no idea what to write. I didn’t want to be sitting here in front of my computer staring at a blank page. So I procrastinated. I made breakfast and took a shower. Two things I rarely do until I’ve already […]

Figure Out Where You Are Disciplined And Use That In Your Writing Life

When it comes to being successful as a writer and author, it all really comes down to three things: 1. Habits 2. Discipline 3. Consistency That’s the secret. That’s what every successful writer and author out there has mastered. They’ve made writing a daily habit, they’ve become disciplined about it and they’ve done it consistently […]

The Pro Writer Mindset, ep. 9: An Interview with Gwenda and Christine from Your Hidden Mind

Listen on  iTunes or Stitcher Guest Bio   Gwenda Phillips and Christine Phillips, co-founders of Your Hidden Mind. Your Hidden Mind is a fun, daily online system that you can use for yourself to change your behaviors, create peace of mind and happiness. The system was created by Christine and her husband, Brian Phillips, based on their […]

Commit To Doing At Least The Bare Minimum Every Day

For the last three weeks I’ve been prepping and preparing for my move to Texas. Cleaning things out. Clearing out stuff for donation. Selling things. Whatever needed to get done. Which has meant that a lot of what I’d usually be doing in my days and weeks wasn’t getting done or was being pushed off […]