As a Developmental Editor and Story Coach, I read hundreds of stories every year, and over and over again, I see writers making the exact same errors. The errors are so common, in fact, that when I’m creating the feedback document for someone’s story, most of the time I find myself writing the same few […]

My Top 10 Ways to Overcome Procrastination RIGHT NOW

One of the biggest reasons writers don’t finish their books and accomplish their goals is a little something known as PROCRASTINATION. Procrastination is rampant in the writing world, and it gets worse and worse the more you do nothing about it. Just like anything else, what you focus on grows. That goes for focusing on […]

The #1 Thing Writers Miss When Writing A Romance Story (Or Love Story Subplot)

As a Developmental Editor, I read A TON of stories every year, and one of the most common errors I see writers making, specifically with romance stories or love story subplots, is not showing enough of WHY and HOW the two characters fall in love. So many of the stories I read it’s like zero […]

The Comment That Could Have Killed My Writing Career Before It Even Started

When I was in middle school, I was OBSESSED with magazines and with taking quizzes in magazines (all the teen mags had ’em!). Around that same time, I had also uncovered that I was a writer. A real one. Writing wasn’t just an interest or even a hobby. In my mind, it was the thing […]

New Freebie: The Story Secrets Audio Series

I’ve been a story coach and content editor for almost a decade now. I’ve seen thousands of stories at all different stages, from just an idea to a draft that’s already been written and rewritten a few times. And there are several bigger issues I see writers having with their stories. I see these same […]