New Freebie: The Story Secrets Audio Series

I’ve been a story coach and content editor for almost a decade now. I’ve seen thousands of stories at all different stages, from just an idea to a draft that’s already been written and rewritten a few times. And there are several bigger issues I see writers having with their stories. I see these same […]

TODAY ONLY: Get 5 Top Writing Books for Only 99 Cents Each

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Give Yourself Permission to Write About Whatever You Want to Write About

I wrote my first nonfiction eBook in 2010. It was called, Butt-In-Chair: A No-Excuses Productivity Guide for Writers Who Struggle to Get Started. It came out on March 23, 2010 and it’s still, to this day, the book I sell the most copies of. Before I published this book, I’d been blogging for two years, […]

Why Every Writer Has a Nonfiction Book in Them

I work with a lot of fiction writers. In fact, fiction writers make up the majority of my community at this point. And a common complaint I hear from them is this: I can’t write nonfiction. While it’s true that writing nonfiction isn’t for everyone, it’s untrue that fiction writers can’t write nonfiction. Nonfiction just […]

There’s No Such Thing As Writer’s Block

I used to be the Queen Procrastinating Writer. I claimed writer’s block for years. I used it as an excuse not to do the writing I knew I wanted to be doing. But once I finally dug deeper into what was really going on, I was able to make a discovery: there’s no such thing […]