Ready to Write a Kick-Ass Novel? 

Hey, I’m Jennifer Blanchard, I’m a bestselling author, professional novelist, and a no-bullshit story coach who turns struggling novelists into serious, emerging authors of kick-ass books that keep readers hooked from page one. 

Here’s my story: it took me 18 years to publish my debut novel. Not because I didn’t have enough ideas or writing talent, but because I fell victim to the belief that because I had read lots of stories that meant I could write one. Not so much.

Here’s the truth: writing a novel worth reading requires a mastery of craft. You have to know and understand the principles of storytelling and the craft of novel writing, if you ever plan on making it in the publishing world.

If you keep:

  • Writing draft after draft but still don’t have a cohesive and engaging story
  • Getting 25,000 words into a story and running out of steam or have no idea where to go from there
  • Struggling to bring the story in your head to life on the page

But what you really want is to: 

  • Write and publish a novel that finds a readership
  • Create a following of raving fans who buy your books and write five-star reviews
  • Have staying power as an author in today’s ever-changing book market

Then I’m your girl.

SoundCheck Promo Want to know a secret of the pros? Writing beautiful prose is not enough.You have to master the craft of storytelling.

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