You Have To Finally Get That There Is No Luck

One of the things I hate hearing the most from people is the phrase, “you got lucky” (or “she/he got lucky”). It drives me absolutely up-the-wall crazy. 

Because there is no such thing as luck. At least not in the way most people think of it. 

Luck isn’t something that happens outside of you. It’s not random. It’s not something you don’t play a part in. 

You set yourself up for luck. 

Luck gets created by the thoughts you think, beliefs you have, feelings you feel, and actions you take in your day to day life. It’s your choices, your willingness, your intention that creates luck.

Someone who won big in the lottery or at the casino wasn’t lucky. 

Neither was the business owner who made millions of dollars. Nor the writer, the musician, the artist, the model, the (insert literally anyone successful) who paved their own path and created mind-blowing success. 

None of them got lucky. 

They simply manifested the outward expression in their physical reality of what was already going on in their inner world.

Because in order for any of those successes or perceived bouts of “luck” to have happened, it had to first be created on the inside. 

They had to believe it was possible. They had to believe and know it was possible for them. They had to (even unconsciously) believe they had what it takes and that good things were allowed to happen to them. They had to trust that they would be supported in this belief, and that they would see evidence the more certain they got in that belief and the more faith they showed in their actions. 

And then when their belief was enough. When they matched the vibration of the success they desired, it showed up in their life. 

Humans call that luck. ‘Cause it’s the only logical way to explain something you can’t explain. 

To simply write it off as luck. 

But if you would just look a little deeper… Hmm, I wonder what this person went though in their life to get here? 

If you just got a little curious… Hmmm, I wonder what this person thought about, focused on, felt, and believed about themselves and their success? I wonder what their level of faith was in this being possible for them? 

And if you asked questions inside yourself… Hmmm, what are my thoughts, feelings and beliefs about myself and my goals? Am I being a vibrational match for what I want? 

Then you’d begin to see that you, too, can be one of the lucky ones.

Dream life or bust,

P.S. There is no luck without there first being vision, intention, focus, dedication, and thinking, feeling and believing in alignment with the things you dream of and desire. If you want to be lucky, it starts with all of that. 

Luck is created. 

And the best way to create that luck is to build a foundation of vision, intention, focus, dedication, and thinking, feeling and believing in ways that support your dreams and desires. 

That foundation starts with trusting yourself and honoring your word to yourself. It all starts with you. 

On September 22, there will be 100 days left in 2021. You have two options: 

–  Give up on your goal for this year 

–  Step it up and make it happen 

You have what it takes to achieve your goals and live your dreams. It’s already inside of you.

You may just need a little motivation, inspiration and accountability to bring it out. 

And that’s what the 100-Day Get Your Goal Challenge is all about. 1 goal. 100 days. And support to help you make it happen.  

It’s time to put action where your dreams are:

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