Your Future Is Being Created By What You Choose In The Present

You often think that next Wednesday or next month or even tomorrow is already figured out and pre-ordained to be a certain way. You think this because you use your physical senses to look around in your physical reality, and then you assume that whatever you see right now is what you’ll also see tomorrow or next Wednesday or next month or next year.

But the real truth is, next Wednesday, next month, next year, and even tomorrow, is a totally blank slate.

Sure, there are probable possibilities in line to show up on those days, but those possibilities are only probable, not pre-decided. What tips the scales one way or another is what you’re doing right now, today.

For example—if today you’re looking around at your business (or your life) and you feel disappointed or limited or like it’s just not working how you want, those emotions and those thoughts are influencing the probability of what shows up tomorrow. And the probable outcome is that tomorrow will be the same as today.

Until the day you decide to change something. Until the morning you wake up and decide to believe that it IS working and it’s working really well. And then you spend your whole day (and night) reminding yourself that “it’s working. It’s always working.”

Now you’ve influenced the probability in another direction and expanded the possibilities of what can show up.

Now tomorrow has space for receiving the physical manifestation of something that’s aligned with “it’s working,” because you’re no longer blocking it with your “it’s not working” energy.

You may argue—sure, it’s all well and good to tell myself “‘it’s working,’ but if nothing changes in my physical reality, then it’s really not working.” And it may be true that nothing has physically changed yet.

This is when you must learn to use your non-physical senses: your feelings and your imagination.

These senses are just as real as your physical senses, they’re just not talked about or regarded as such by society and so you’ve been taught to believe that your non-physical senses aren’t real and you can’t trust them.

But I promise you, they are real and you can trust them—they are the keys to changing what you see in the physical.

Your imagination and, most importantly, your feelings, are the starting point. The change must happen in the non-physical before it will become physical.

So you must connect with your inner vision of what you want to see happening in your business (or life). You must imagine it and visualize it and make it come to life inside your mind.

Then you must feel that vision, those things you imagined and made come to life in your mind, in every cell of your being, as if it’s already real. As if it’s already in your physical reality—even if it’s not yet.

Having something show up in your physical reality is the FINAL piece of the manifestation puzzle.

And if you only ever use your physical senses to determine whether something is “working” or not, you will be deceived almost every time. And that will cause you to doubt and worry and just create more of the same.

But when you first use your non-physical senses to feel into what you desire and imagine it as being true and create the belief that it’s yours, not only will whatever you’re doing “work” but it will work better than you imagined.

The physical will always show up to match whatever you’re creating in the non-physical.

And it can happen FAST!

Today you could have no clients and then—BAM!—tomorrow you’ve got five.

Except that can’t happen if you spend today saying and thinking and believing that it’s “not working.” If you spend today in that kind of energy, tomorrow will be more of the same.

But if you choose to spend today saying and thinking and believing that it IS working, even if your physical reality doesn’t match yet, you’ll move mountains with your energy and tomorrow will have possibilities it couldn’t have had before.

So say it with me now: It’s working. It’s always working. 🔥

Dream life or bust,


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